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zike86 asked in SportsHockey · 7 months ago

I dont want to play goalie but my coach won't let me play anywhere else.?

I play goalkeeper at the college level. Im not going to say which school, but I play at a really competitive level. As a matter of fact, Im excelling at it, and I am 2nd in the league in saves and in the race to win the golden glove. Unfortunately I just really don't like playing goalie.

If I'm going to be completely honest, my best position is goalie. Im very good at it. but the position I enjoy playing the most is striker. And while I primarily play goalie, Im actually pretty good at striker too, and on the rare occasion a coach actually lets me play, I usually tend to bag a goal or two.

Every time I point to my goal scoring stats, the coaches Ive had over the years say, yeah you're a decent forward, but too good at goalie to waste playing the field, then stick me in goal. Of course I'm not going to embarrass myself so I make all the saves and play excellent or whatever, but this just cements my position in goal further, makes everyone see me as a goalie, then I just get stuck there.

Of course I could always refuse to play, but then everyone starts calling me selfish and starts saying "We need you" "You're bugging youre one of the best goalies we know" or "who else are we gonna play in goal".

Im tired of this **** tf do I say to my coach to get me out of the goal. I dont even get the chance to show him what I can do in the field because during offense drills I'm always stuck in the goal and I'm damn sick of it

2 Answers

  • 6 months ago

    goalie is the hardest spot to play. weakest skater plays net. people will say i am wrong. so if you do not want to play goalie you have quite a long road to travel until you reach a skater. playing defense is the next hardest position to play.

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  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    So you typed out all those paragraphs to a Q&A site, but didn't ask a single question anywhere.

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