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My brothers snake got attacked by his feeding mouse and I don’t kno what to do I feel so saddened he’s slowly been moving and breathing?

I don’t kno what to feed him he hasn’t ate in a month and now I don’t wanna wait for him to heal  and he be weak. Or die at all my brothers will be so upset. He is the sweetest snake I’ve ever met and I don’t like snakes. What could I do to help him heal faster and what could he possibly eat on for the meanwhile ?


Update: I’ve decided to take the snake to a reptile rescue I’ve found one near me so he can have the proper care. My brothers are very upset :(  but my hearts to soft to do this any longer and let him suffer any longer, I’m going in the morning !!! So please pray he is going to be okay and live thru this !! Thank y’all for helping me and giving me ideas to think about ! I’m getting my brothers to say there goodbyes before they head to school in the am :(

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  • 11 months ago

    Your best bet is fish oil, or yes, hemp oil. He will heal up very fast. It works on turtles too. Hope that helped.

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    11 months ago

    You can take it to a vet but it may cost more than the snake is worth. What you can do, if you do not want to take it to a vet, is to make sure the wound is not infected. You can get some antibiotics marketed for fish, dissolve the antibiotics in water and wet the wounds with the solution once or twice a day. The anitbiotics will kill any germs that may infect the wounds. You should also make sure no flies get into the cage because the flies can lay eggs and the maggots will eat the snake's flesh. I used to get antibiotics for a few bucks from tropical fish stores. Make sure the snake gets clean water and warmth because both will help the snake heal. Food is not important. You only need to feed it after it has healed.

    Do not leave a mouse with a snake overnight again, ever. Put a live mouse in, and if the snake is not interested, take it out and try it another day. You can also try dead mice next time. Put the mouse in a plastic bag, smash the mouse on the ground hard. If the snake won't eat then put the mouse into a freezer. Thaw frozen mice thoroughly before feeding it to a snake.

  • 11 months ago

    He needs a veterinarian now. Like this is an emergency vet situation. Imagine seeing a dog with huge patches of skin and fur missing with bloody wounds. You would take him to the vet immediately. This snake is in the same condition.

    That snake is in extreme pain and has severe injuries. He also looks underweight in this photo, which isn't going to help him heal. If this snake doesn't see a vet he will likely die a slow and painful death. PLEASE either take him to an exotic animal vet (just google exotic vet near me) or surrender him to a reptile rescue (again, google reptile rescue near me) if you feel you can't commit to caring for him while he heals or fear the cost of the vet.

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    11 months ago

    Please take this animal to a knowledgeable exotics veterinarian for treatment. Antibiotics are likely indicated, as well as bandaging, pain medication, and laser therapy, too, if available at the practice. This is precisely why live feeding isn't recommended, and if you do practice it, it needs to be closely watched, and the prey should NOT be left in the enclosure unsupervised. If this poor animal recovers, it is well worth the effort to transition to frozen/thawed prey.

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  • 11 months ago

    Well a vet would be a good idea the snake looks like it’s been chewed on for days. The mouse just have been in there for days for all that to happen.. keep the snake on paper towels and name sure the temp says the right if it’s not eating it’s probably the temps not being right

    Put polysporin in the chewed up parts to help

    But a vet would be best

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