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I think my rat is dying. She is four. I want to know of any ways to make her more comfortable. Any help welcomed. My sister wont let her go.?


My rat is dying. She is with her sister rat. Ive never had an animal where i can say goodbye and make them comfortable. Im not a bad pet owner theyve just passed in their sleep. I want to make my rat baby comfortable. She is very lethargic and depressed and wont let me or her sister touch her, but starts screaming when she is alone. She cannot walk normally anymore and her vet wont be in office for a week so euthanizings not an option until we find a new vet. Any advice to make her comfortable?

Update 2:

She just had a seizure. Sorry for kinda spamming. Rat owners please help. I hate seeing her in pain.

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  • zeno
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    9 months ago
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    Life ends and she needs to accept it and

    Slowly grasp it is leaving and will not return.

    Now to lower the regrets hold it pet it let

    It out side to enjoy itself. Give it as much

    Happiness as you can. I walked my cute

    Little chihuahua off leash most of his life

    Just so he could run and play and experience

    As much fun as he could. He passed away

    A few months ago. I still wish I could have

    Given him more but I did all I could for him

    And took the body to be cremated so no

    Other dogs could dig up the body or harm

    It in any way. I still miss him. I should have

    Taken more photos of him. That is one of

    My regrets. Good luck

    • Kira9 months agoReport

      Thank you

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  • 9 months ago

    If you want to euthanize her, put her in a closed system tank (no air can escape) and turn on the carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide will put her to sleep and after she falls asleep, she’ll asphyxiates so she’ll feel no pain. It’s less painful than a needle injection.

    • Kira9 months agoReport

      Thank you. I really appreciate the help :,(

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  • 9 months ago

    Mouse to mouse resuscitation.

    • Kira9 months agoReport

      No I just want to help her go peacefully. No resuscitation. Just peace until she crosses the rainbow bridge.

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Why do you have a pet rat? Let it die, mourn, and get a damn dog. I apologize, didn’t mean to offend. I just think of rats as dirty and carrying disease. I’m glad you love animals.

    • Kira9 months agoReport

      I am an animal person. I have 2 rats, 5 dogs, and a rabbit and gerbil recently passed.

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