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My cooking class group won't let me cook!?

I'm a freshman in high school who has high functioning Autism. I love to cook, so i'm taking my school's cooking elective. However, I haven't gotten to cook once in this class! In the class, i'm in a kitchen with 3 other kids. None of the kids in my group have special needs. Anyways, my group completely excludes me from the cooking! Whenever I try to help cook, they tell me not to touch anything and they continue to cook without me. For example, we made chocolate chip cookies last week, but my group wouldn't let me help at all! They wouldn't let me crack eggs into the bowl, add the chocolate chips or anything like that when making the dough! They wouldn't even let me help roll the dough into balls! So basically, the other kids in my group do all the cooking but won't let me help cook at all. The ONLY thing they let me do is clean! They've been doing this since the beginning of the school year! It's like they don't even trust me! I've cooked before, and I always help my mom cook at home, but they STILL don't trust me! It's like they're excluding me! What do I do? It hurts my feelings, and it makes it pointless for me to take the cooking class in the first place. I'm probably also failing the class because my group won't let me cook! I'm so sick of it! I'm about to ask my guidance counselor if I can take a different elective instead! Should I just do that? There are other electives at my school I can choose from. Thank you for helping me.


My cooking teacher knows what's going on, but she won't do anything.

Update 2:

I tried to talk to my group today about how I felt, but they completely ignored me! I'm considering taking a different elective instead. I can learn how to cook at home.

Update 3:

The groups in my cooking class have already been arranged, so I can't just ask to be in a different group.

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  • Linda
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    10 months ago

    Your teacher may know what is going on but I bet she doesn't know how much it bothers you. Before or after class talk to your teacher privately and tell her you want to have a turn to cook also because as a teacher it is her responsibility to see that all students get to have a turn to cook.

  • John
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    10 months ago

    FIrst of all, tell them that you're not cleaning anything if they don't start letting you cook. Call them assholes. CALL THEM OUT on how they are treating you. It hurts your feelings and you are exactly right. They don't want you to cook because they don't trust you to do it, and you should call them assholes for that. You don't need to make a scene, just ask them when they are going to let you have a turn.

    Second, tell the teacher that you are not getting any opportunities to cook.

    Third, if none of that works, then start making your own stuff entirely separate from them. Take 1/4 of the ingredients and make your 1/4 of the meal by yourself.

    Fourth, if all else fails, if they are still mean to you after ALL of this, just dump their food in the garbage.

  • Foofa
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    10 months ago

    Make arrangements to speak to the teacher alone and explain that you're being excluded from the class activities. Hopefully this teacher will then pay closer attention to your group to make sure you're getting the training your parents' tax dollars are paying for.

  • blank
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    10 months ago

    Because of your autism you will be faced with this very type of situation (at least any new ones) your entire life. Until people get to know you and learn what you can do (which is nearly everythinng they can do) you will be pushed aside unless you learn to stick up for yourself.

    I would recommend talking to the group directly and tell them how you feel. IF that appeal goes no where, then I would speak to the teacher. BTW... WHERE is the teacher in all this? Can he/she see what is going on?

    Anyway, if and only if after those two steps do not pan out would I talk to the guidence counselor. You already know how to cook, but maybe the life leason you are being set to learn is far more valueable than cooking skills. There are fully functional (non-autisic) adults that never learn how to politely and properly assert themselves - and they suffer for it all their lives.

    Good luck. I am sure you will succeed!

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  • 10 months ago

    If they have trust issues tell em to trust you. I'm a good cook and I'm only 16 and I can cook on grill of stove and can make good food. Tell em to shuv a portion a dry spaghetti stick up their a** they'll be throwing up wet noodles

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