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What chemicals protect a women from aging? Is it estrogen/collagen? What produces those chemicals, a woman s ovaries?

if I no longer have my ovaries will it a sh*tshow in terms of my aging? According to my doctor I am unable to go on estrogen hrt due to medical reasons.


also if anyone can tell me some tips on how to lose weight it'd be appreciated. i seemed to have gained after my hysterectomy procedure :\

1 Answer

  • 7 months ago

    Good evening, Innocence. Finally, I have some minutes to write. Estrogen are formed in the ovary, placenta and adrenal cortex. Collagen is a protein - the production is a complex process. If a loss of your ovaries will have an effect to your aging is hard to say. People these days look older in early age because they do not give the necessary elements to the body. The food is empty because the soil is empty. People estimate me 10-15 years younger because I take care about my health. If you want to lose weight, take high doses of vitamin D3, some vitamin K2 and magnesium; chrome as trace element; avoid gluten, use Xylit instead of sugar. Eat bio-vegetables and avoid prepared dishes (even bio-dishes). Take MSM (organic sulfur) - it taste bitter but is important for the body.

    P.S. I do not trust Doctors at all - Ten doctors and nine failed diagnosis.

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