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How can I deal with my fear of death?

I'm 25 and thinking about death scares me a lot. I've started taking Prozac,but it's not doing much

I just can't stand being conscious but I don't want to die.

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    Go back to see the doctor whom prescribed the meds

    To update thanks.


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    Ask for different medication.

    That may help.

    Also you are going to die.

    You will go to a hole in the ground or Heaven.

    Depends on what you believe.

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    try not to think of it as 'death' only a closure of this world and the beginning of a journey to new destinies, which it is.

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    We're all gonna die - some of us sooner than others. If you're otherwise healthy, you can expect another 55 years or so and with increasing life expectancy you stand a pretty good chance of making it to 100. So you can either be miserable for the next 20,000 - 27,000 days or you can enjoy them.

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