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What MBTI does she sound most like?

she is cheerfull, friendly, easy going, sweet outgoing , perfectionist, meticulous and very smart and brave , she care about her apperance she craves beauty

she is sensitive to critiscm and she is thinker and considerate

but she can be moody also is silent but

she can be naggy also and she love money

she fear that she has no money she is hard working

she is very nice but don't offend her

she hate spoiltbrat

she hate people who wear gold or has gold jewerly

she hate dirty places

she dislike fierce animal

she hates bee

she won't forgive if a guy cheat on her

she is a Christian and she loves God

she talk about God a lot time

and she can be impatience at time

she is very kind help others before

she doesn't like you she will ignore you

she like when stranger smile at her

she is fearless too and ambitious as well she know what she want and she is sweet but sometime moody and occasinally indirect answer she need reassurance

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