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What are good careers for disabled people?

I'm very intelligent at least in math, science

and music. However, my problem is I was

born with slight-autism. It doesn't mean I'm

stupid. It means I have poor listening-skills

and social-cues. I have a hard-time remembering

or following instructions.

My other problem is that because of

my awkwardness, I get worn out

working more than 30 hours/week.

I looked into bookkeeping: that's

no good. Computers are taking

over that industry. I looked into

math-tutoring. They want bachelor's

degrees and only pay minimum-wage.

I'm really lost. Help!

1 Answer

  • amy
    Lv 6
    7 months ago

    depends what country your in. Some countries pay a far bit for medical science. You could also tutor music on the side.

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