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How many Italians footballers can you name who played in EPL?

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    Borini, balotelli, zappacosta,Emerson,masina,jorginho,ogbonna,di Matteo,schellotto,Kean,Santon,macheda,cutrone, zaza, pelle,Osvaldo,darmian,mannone,giaccherini,angella,forestieri,fabbrini and more but those are the ones I can remember right now.

  • Di Matteo, Vialli, Zola, Zappacosta, Di Canio....and others.......there is 1 @WHU and another who was playing for Saints i think with a name similar to well known player they used to have....can't think right now, but i'm sure if i looked at historical footy websites i'd find them all easily....who knows how strict the criteria given some of them played in EP not EPL,,,,,but many fans and pundit's alike still don't differentiate between the 2 so....

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    Can't be arsed Anfield Aces but the quizzes on the planet football website are excellent

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    Not many, Serie A had traditionally been a better league so it's a step down, even today Juventus could pretty much destroy any PL team.

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