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Why do people follow football games with so much interest? going to games with their friends? it is like a social activity?

People follow American football like a sacred religion and watch or even go to every game . and I just don't understand it. it is so boring and pointless space of time to me. why do they find it so


If you found out that someone who you thought was a pretty deep thinking person liked to watch foot ball games, would that not be like finding out that they like something like "Country music" or something really stupid? why or why not?


****what do you mean really? I asked this several times before and always get that answer..."that it is like a tribalism thing"..what are you talking about? why they find that interesting/entertaining? why not reading or studying history or about other countries, etc with their friends instead?

Update 2:

so what is this "group" like then? they types that like to bond together like that and watch football religiously? why?

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    It's a form of tribalism. Support for a particular team binds them together in a social group. I suppose it's better than racism or American politics.

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      so what is this "group" like then? they types that like to bond together like that and watch football religiously? why?

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    You must be either gay, a liberal, or a woman, possibly all three.

    So which is it, ButtPlug?

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Why do you hate on people having fun and belonging to something?

    No one is forcing you to watch sports or wear a logo team shirt.

    I guess you're dull, boring, and miserable.

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    4 weeks ago

    I pretty much make that same argument against all sports. If people devoted as much time, money, and effort to space exploration as they devote to sports, we'd already have people on Mars.

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    yes, it is like a "monkey see , monkey do activity" (just like going to church together)...that monkeys do together to feel like they are "in people". it is a social activity that makes people feel like they are normal/successful etc. Plus it is a way that they meet other people of the opposite sex or it is a social activity to go on a date. (and if you get too drunk on the whiskey and coke or can blame any pent up aggressive behaviour on "being too drunk")

    anyone who buys into the "Bread and circuses" for the masses is NOT a deep thinker!

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