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Am I a loser?What can I do to stop being a loser?

I'm 22 years old I dropped out of high school because of bullying and got my GED at 18. I also have no Job and  no friends. I'm Autistic which means I have the mind of a child. I still play video games for kids. Such as animal crossing, Mario, Zelda, and minecraft. I'm ugly. Women on the street think I'm a creep because I'm ugly. Sometimes women smile at me almost as if they pity me. Why do some women always smile at me on the street? Do they think I'm a joke? If so that makes me even more depressed. What can I do to stop being a loser? How do I improve my life?

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    because of your illness your mind is tricking you, you are not any of the things that you mentioned, the main thing wrong with you is you have very low self esteem, many people with autism go on and do well.

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    10 months ago

    U must have been a nerd. Remove the target from your underwear and maybe people won’t be tempted to pull it

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    They may be smiling because they like you.

    Say hello at least.

    Also get some type of job where you don't sweat it.

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    10 months ago

    you don't know what the women think at all, they are called irrational thoughts.

    Get a job, start being positive about yourself and just do the things you enjoy in life. Grow up and start being a man

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