Why is the MSM, Feminists, MeToo so quiet on most of the 79 Hollyood & Media Heavyweights accused of sexual misconduct since Harvey Weinst.?

Whom they covering for? Why the hypocrisy from the left, feminazis, #MeToo,etc?

79 Hollywood and Media Heavyweights Accused of Sexual Misconduct Since Harvey Weinstein: https://www.thewrap.com/hollywood-media-heavyweigh...

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  • 10 months ago
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    Always with the left. Very selective outrage.

  • Foofa
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    10 months ago

    Feminists aren't, in fact two books have just been published about this. But the MSM is too consumed with Presidential politics to have the bandwidth to continue covering a case that's basically just in a holding pattern at present.

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