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Am I pregnant?

Me and my boyfriend have been having sex and I'm on birthcontrol. He always pulls out. This month I've not been regularly taking it but I've been taking it at least once a day and if I missed a day id take it as soon as I remembered so basically if I missed one if take two the next day. It only happened a few times this month but now it's the end of the pill pack and my period hasn't started. I've been stressing a lot about it I could barely sleep last night. 

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    It could be your hormones that are confused. I've been taking birth control for a few years now, every month to control pms. I've experienced that when I forget, or take it later than I usually do, my hormones get confused, sometimes making my period longer, come earlier or later, or sometimes (very rarely) not come at all.

    It's not very likely that you are pregnant, because despite not always taking it at the correct time you still used birth control through out the entire month.

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