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Scientists must be allowed to cry and be supported for our damaged ecosystem?Ed it?

I kid you not.  Straight from the WTF files.

"To understand and find solutions for our increasingly damaged natural ecosystems, environmental scientists must be allowed to cry and be supported as they move forward."

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  • JimZ
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    10 months ago
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    I'm a scientist that isn't grieving for our planet due to our CO2 emissions. If they feel they need to cry, maybe they need to go back and live with mommy. I would have called this an emasculation of our society but it is more like encouraging adults to behave and think like toddlers.

    These people are leftists and hate people that aren't dependent on them. If you make your own money or want freedom from their idiotic proposals, they will do their best to ridicule and harm you. That is where the term denier came from. They are greedy power hungry zealots and what a sad commentary that was on their mindset. Yikes.

  • Mike
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    10 months ago

    One scientist was crying because He thought planes made it worse ,It was funny

    Cant remember his name?

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