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How would Roger Ruzek (former Eagles kicker from 89-93) have fared as the main kicker for the San Francisco 49ers in 1994?

Well, Doug Brien lasted only one and a half seasons with the San Francisco 49ers in 1994-1995, and was not yet the reliable kicker that he would become with the New Orleans Saints from 1995-2000.

So it would've made sense for the 49ers to roll with Roger Ruzek for at least one year instead of blowing a 1994 draft pick on Doug Brien, as D. Brien went to the Saints during 1995 after being cut by the 49ers for missing a crucial field goal in one of their regular season games against the Indianapolis Colts.

Ruzek would've gotten a taste of his first and only Super Bowl ring in a San Francisco 49ers uniform.

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    He would have been the 8th best kicker in the NFC, obviously.

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