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My daughter constantly beats our small dog?

My daughter will beat our small dog. Our dog is the cutest most adorable dog ever, but my daughter enjoys beating her. My daughter will hit her very hard with notebooks and sticks and kick her very hard, to the point where she cries and whimpers. I don't know what's going on, because my daughter has a good side. When she sees videos about people starving she'll breakdown crying, talking about how she wishes she could help. She's good with kids, every kid we know loves her. Yet, she beats our dog. She'll just beat her for no reason and enjoy it. When the dog tries to run or hide under things she'll run after her and move what she's hiding under in order to beat her. My daughter has been bullied a lot of her life, and there have been times were I treated her like sh*t, so maybe she likes beating our dog because she's always been verbally beat up. I don't know what's up, and I want to believe that my daughter is a good person, and in some ways she is. But for some reason, she abuses the dog, and when the dog runs she'll say things like "It doesn't matter where you run I'll find you" and when the dog growls and shows her teeth and sniffs back she'll say "b*tch. You think you can treat me that way?" Or "who do you think you are" or "growl at me one more time and see what happens" then she'll continue beating her. I don't know what's wrong with my daughter. She has beat other small dogs too, like our roommates dog once and a friend of mine's dog. What should I do about her?

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    It's a lot YOUR fault your daughter abuses your dog. You mistreated her as a child so she's probably lashing out. Rehome the dog so she can't abuse her and tell her she loses the right to have another pet as she doesn't know how to treat them. Then ground her for a week for abusing the dog and get her into therapy and anger management classes.

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    YOUR DAUGHTER IS A SOCIOPATH! Look it up- animal abuse is the number one sign!

    The fact that you are allowing this to happen “constantly” is so alarming!!!

    Dog abuse is a FELONY!

    Please update and include your address so your evil sociopath of a child and her monster of a parent can be taken away from a defenseless animal who deserves better!

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    Mam, your daughter has issues, please address them asap. One day this child will have kids and who knows if she won't beat them up too.

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    You're letting this happen.

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    If this is serious you need to keep your daughter away from the dog at all costs. And get her as much therapy as she requires or keep her away from humans too.

    If the police knew what she's doing she'd be in jail.

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    You people think this is REAL? Click REPORT and type FLAME BAITING, VIOLENCE, ANIMAL ABUSE. This is just a bored, cowardly pathetic TROLL.

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    If that child was mine, she would receive the same thing she did to the dog. She would get her butt busted every single time. There HAS TO BE CONSEQUENCES for her actions. Stiff ones!!!!!

    You may find her help by taking her to see a Psychiatrist. The child needs help & you are not helping her at all. We could blame this on your parenting.

  • Ocimom
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    Your daughter needs major psychological treatment NOW. Rehome this dog immediately before the dog is dead and don't have any pets in the house.

    Many serial killers started out with torturing and hurting animals before they moved on to doing it to people. Your child is mentally ill. Do NOT make excuses for her actions. NO sane parent would sit by and let a child hurt and beat on a pet and not do a thing about it. Maybe YOU also need to have some mental health treatment too.

  • Jack H
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    Keep the dog, give the daughter away, ohh, just checked...

    Anonymous post? Check

    Badly spelled and punctuated? Check

    Lots of detail, mostly irrelevant? Check

    Ahh, another f'ing mentally ill troll...

  • zeno
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    Give the dog away to help it. Some people

    Enjoy abusing animals only god knows why.

    Maybe she is part wolf with a passion for

    Blood with small harmless animals. I only

    Hurt things that attack me or cause me

    Too many Problems. Good luck. Keep

    The dog healthy by keeping it away from

    Her forever. Give it away today. Ok?

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