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the hipp banana baby food jar just ninety pence at boots pharmacy?


we need to get more organised on this task!!!

Update 2:

should be fully refridgeable!!!

Update 3:

banana is very healthy for faster nutrient build up!!!

Update 4:

easy one to remember for me if i want to help aswell!!!

Update 5:

we think baby rosie is getting hungry now for tasters!!!

Update 6:

i'll get some today and a babies dish and spoon set in the house!!!

Update 7:

theres even been talk of getting the baby high chair already so marias slaved away cooking a roast dinner especially each sunday but then holds the baby so everyone else can eat!!! i dont like that for her!!! bit out of order!!!

Update 8:

ive just seen a white plastic high chair with tray at ikea for twelve pounds with dissemble for travel too!!! looks right for us!!!

Update 9:

then mothercares right there too on the west quay retail park for a better chance to get the right baby bowl and spoon!!!

Update 10:

so task can be dealt with using three shops and extra trekking skills today!!!

Update 11:

They think it’s the one too!!!

Update 12:

Bit scared about saying anything but they know now!!!

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