Any good thrillers on Netflix?

Looking for a good psychological thriller I like indie ones or Asian ones or movies like Blair witch project any recommendations thank you !

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  • 9 months ago
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    Here’s my recommendations

    1. Green Room, just an amazing movie about a punk band being locked in a room after finding a dead body and then trying to survive being killed by a large group who wants to hide the evidence.

    2. Enemy, have not seen but plan to because its based on something I have seen and has very high ratings, about a man who realizes his life is being taken over by a double and nobody believes him.

    3. Panic Room, also have not watched but it’s directed by David Fincher so it’s probably amazing, a tense movie about a home invasion and a mother trying to protect her daughter

    4. Circle, not for everyone, the entire movie is a ton of people in a room with spotlights under them unable to move, and they start dying every few minutes so they try to talk out what’s happening around them without panicking

    Also all the scream movies are great but you’ve probably seen those already

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