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Is it possible to get the CTN job in MEPS for the Navy?

A recruiter mentioned to my son that he never seen someone get the CTN ratting out of MEPS in his 6 years of recruiting? Is that true? 

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  • 9 months ago

    It's a very small rating, so it's hard - but it's possible with a strong ASVAB score and strong qualifications.

    I was a CTO, the rating that was phased out to make room for CTN. CT candidates (any branch) deciding to try to stay in the new CTN rating in 2003 had to qualify for the clearance, have networking background sufficient to pass the schooling, and be well qualified in all other ways as a Sailor. Those standards likely have not lowered for today's new recruits other than active duty evals. There simply aren't very many CTNs needed to fill all the units working wither - the O branchers that stayed that were not qualified for N branch were force converted to IT. Most of the young CTOs that were around then are getting ready to retire if they made it through. I retired as a CTO1(SW) in 2005.

  • Jason
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    10 months ago

    Of course, it's POSSIBLE. The rating exists and the Navy recruits applicants to fill those slots. The question is: Are there any slots available and does he out-compete the other available applicants for the spot?

    It's a tough rate to get:


    Top Secret Clearance (Single Scope Background Investigation Required)

    ASVAB Score: AR + 2*MK + GS = 222

    Must be a U.S. Citizen

    Immediate family members must be U.S. Citizens

    Moral turpitude offense(s) are generally disqualifying

    Personal security screening interview required

    Former members of the Peace Corps are not eligible

    Candidates must be a high school graduate or equivalent (GED, CPT, home study, or other equivalency). If not a diploma graduate, the applicant must provide a high school transcript verifying successful completion of the tenth grade."

    That's a high set of standards to clear. Consider that less than 2% of the population is qualified to enlist at all, much less for highly competitive jobs. So yes, it is possible. No, it is not likely.


  • Mrsjvb
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    10 months ago

    while CTN is an initial entry Rating( now) , the fact is it's an EXTREMELY small rating and rarely has openings at all.  the initial group was all Cross rated from  CTx or direct recruitments from the private sector with years of experience.  so yes it is entirely possible that one particular MEPS location has never seen anyone successfully snag it.  

  • 10 months ago

    and were supposed to know what rating that one specific recrutier has has enlistees get, how ?

    you didn't tell us who that specific recruiter is and where his recruiting station is.

    2. of course its possible for someone to get the CTN rating fro Meps, they will probably need some college experience in computer science or some certificate ratings from microsoft, novell, etc.

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