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Anonymous asked in PetsRodents · 8 months ago

Why did it happen?

Three months ago, I impulsively bought a guinea pig. I've grown up with 3 parakeets and 2 goldens so I'm no stranger to taking care of pets. I'm 26 and this is the first pet though I bought by myself/I'm in full charge of. She was really cute, though smaller than the average guinea pig. When I got her she wasn't eating or drinking much. Took her to vet they checked for respiratory infection but none there. They told me to give her some critical care food though and water through syringe. Did it for a week and she was eating and drinking healthy then. She even put on weight. I liked her and decided to get her a friend since I work and they'd be lonely during day. Fed them hay and gave them water and few weeks ago started giving them carrots and all. She began squeaking a lot took her to vet. Said she had a respiratory infection. They gave me meds to give her for 10 days check back in a week. After week took her there said she was better but still had it. Like she wasn't squeaking as much seemed fine healing. Day before I was gonna take her again found her dead in their cage in morning. I was shocked. Night before I cleaned their cage gave them food and her her meds and she was fine. Definitely healing. Why did she die so suddenly. The vet said she was a lot better? I feel so bad. It was my first pet by myself, I love animals, and I treated her like my kid. She was only 4 months a baby. :(


When i gave her med I had to hold her. Before I pet her a bunch, but she was still scared since they prey animals so I didn't try holding her yet. So giving the med made her more comfortable when I held her. Then she died. My heart broke. :(

3 Answers

  • Nathan
    Lv 4
    8 months ago

    It could of been stress or depression because guinea pigs must live in groups/pairs. They need 8 square feet of space each, and a water bowl and food bowl (bottles are too difficult for them to get the correct amount of water out of). They must have a constant supply to hay, be fed a cup of pellets and vegetables twice a day. Those are the basic needs they have

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  • 8 months ago

    Mostly likely she died because of her respiratory infection. Small animals will "get better" but it will constantly come back and never fully leave. When you clean their cage after using something strong like Clorox (if you use that) wait for it to dry and then wet a rag and wipe down the cage, let dry and put them back in. You have to be very careful with cleaning after small animals get their first respiratory infection. Not your fault though. These infections are very hard to truly prevent.

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  • 8 months ago

    There's no way for anyone here to know that. Some veterinarians will necropsy a pet to look for a cause of death, but that window may have also closed by now.

    I'm sorry about your pig. It sounds like you did what you could. Life can be fragile.

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