do you believe Brandon Straka when he says some on the left started saying he doesn't realise he has white homosexual privilege.?

I recently saw on one of DR Steve Turley videos claiming people don't realize how even within powerful groups that make up the left such as the 6 coloured rainbow group, its not one big happy family and Brandon explained one of the main reasons he had enough of the left and decided to leave it, was because you just don't realize how mad its become by constantly trying to find a new group of victims in the world and then having to single out their damned evil oppressors, he realized one day he a just become one of the oppressors in this madness and being told for decades he was a real victim. yes he was being constantly attacked now for not fully understanding how his group have now become the oppressors and they don't seem to realize they are oppressing all black homosexual males. but that is not the only dispute between those that make up the famous letters. so it should be no surprise how many people are leaving the madness and signing up to his walkaway group.

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