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Can’t keep erection ?

18 years old, during foreplay loses erection which obviously inhibits any actual intercourse. I do not believe its stress or anxiety, and this has happened with a couple different girls now. Low libido may play a factor as well. If it is physical and not psychological , who do I contact for help?  

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    Your family physician first.

  • 10 months ago

    If you masturbate to a pron a lot, it can sometimes cause problems getting and/or maintaining an erection with a partner because you've rewired your brain to respond to visual imagery combined with the feeling of your hand.

    You don't have to stop masturbating, but ditch the pron.

  • 10 months ago

    maybe girls arent your thing

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  • Josie
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    10 months ago

    I doubt it is low libido at 18.

    Sex is always Stressful for a guy unless he is very confident

    and you are not or you would not ask us.

    Testosterone makes no difference to erections in sex =

    dopamine and seratonin might , but they reflect your mood.

    Just relax and get more comfortable before entering.

  • 10 months ago

    Low libido is less common for an 18 yr. old- male or female. If you have other issues that may be linked to lowered amounts of testosterone, this is likely why it's difficult to keep an erection. Does this happen when you masturbate? Masturbation is very important as we go thru puberty, partly for this reason. Males do need to masturbate to ejaculation and orgasm frequently, even daily is recommended. This helps your testicles keep producing semen, and male hormones. Try masturbating to ejaculation once a day. It could be that you are getting nervous, anxiety pops up when you are about to have penetrating, vaginal sex with a woman. It could be both of these. Good diet of course, and regular exercise help males produce more testosterone, too. Try not to worry, most males have something like this happen occasionally. Each sexual experience can be different, so next time you may be more prepared, mentally and physically. Let the woman help you, too. She wants your penis to stay fully erect as much as you do. She understands, as most women do.

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