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What are some jokes/puns to tell to people who had there head cracked open?

I know its a really weird question. I just met a old friend and I like to tease them about it because they did it in a stupid way. Ive already used the "open minded" joke plenty of times so its getting old. Yes, they are fine with this because this is our humor and they will make fun of me aswell. Thanks for your time.

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    He needs to play drums cuz it is a concussion instrument.har

  • I was working promotion..driving around hanging posters, passing out coupons. All was fun,

    until I got out of the car while turning and starting to walk too quick, AND BONG!!!!!

    I head-butted a steel light pole. Man!! I had a lump on my forehead the size of a hard boiled egg, the rest of the day. Hurts even to remember it.

    Speaking of "BONG!"..we had a cat in school we called that, for a nickname.


    And he was famous for it!

    The moral to this story is: whenever you go out, bring a f**king chain saw

    so you can cut the light pole down as revenge, for it clomping you in the head, cause it'll happen! Metal light poles ARE ON A MISSION!

    They're waiting for you to walk by and turn without looking.

    They're snickering about it, they're ready!! -BONG!!!!!!!

    (it's like a bell sound...your skull actually rings like a bell. Damn. Ouch. F**k.

  • 10 months ago

    Just what you need, another hole in the head!

    Next time, don't sneeze so hard.

    You know fundamental endoscopy ended with primitive tribes. So didn' blood letting.

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