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Which handheld vacuum has more suction power, cordless or corded?

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    A vacuum cleaner does its job by suctioning the dirt and debris. A vacuum cleaner power and price determine how powerfully suck the debris and dirt.

    It is suctioning the dirt, and a vacuum cleaner needs more power.

    However, a cordless and corded vacuum have the same power to suck the dirt properly.

    A corded vacuum has the power to suck the dirt, but it is for a little time.

    There is no difference in suction power between corded or cordless vacuum.

    Only time makes differ.

    A corded vacuum can suck whenever you need and unlimited time.

    Otherwise, a cordless vacuum can suck when it is charged.

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    11 months ago

    It depends on the vacuum



    a corded appliance will be more powerful than a similar cordless appliance.

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