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I’m a bit nervous to get my wisdom teeth out. Should I be worried?

Okay so tomorrow is the big day. I’m officially getting my wisdom teeth out. All of my wisdom teeth are impacted but lucky me,

I had no problems with them. However it’s not the surgery I’m worried about. It’s the anesthesia. I am going to be going under general anesthesia and I’m a bit nervous because I’ve never been “under” before. Is there a thing I should be worried about? What does it feel like? And most importantly, is it safe?

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  • I remember getting mine out, I didn't feel a thing. What I hated was the bleeding that came after, the pain wasn't too bad.

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    this is completely normal i got 4 impacted out this year and was so scared. my grandpa even had to get teeth out too and he was scared too. i was really worried about my weight because i’m a little overweight so i told them and they said it is not an issue. what made me feel better was learning the process up to surgery. for me they weigh you, making sure they give you the correct amount of anesthesia ( they might not if your parent wrote it down or if it on your insurance) then they give you a squeeze ball to relax before they put in the needle for it (doesn’t hurt and you won’t even remember it) the. they put a this thing, i’m not even sure what it was it might have been oxygen or the anesthia over your mouth/ nose and you can’t even feel yourself start to go under as it is very quick!! all i remember before my surgery is that. nothing painful or anything. it was a little intimidating seeing all the tools but everything was fine. i would just worry about after surgery like food.

  • Pearl
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    4 weeks ago

    i would just talk to your dentist about it

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    I wouldn't worry. You probably won't really remember going out and you'll likely be disoriented upon waking. It's not a big deal. Hope everything goes well:)

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    I've had eight general anaesthetics for varous things and had no problems. They give you pain killers after the dental thing. I didn't need them.

  • Lisa A
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    4 weeks ago

    I wouldn't go under general anesthesia to have wisdom teeth out. It isn't necessary. The risk (however small) of anesthesia isn't worth it when it isn't necessary.

    I had my wisdom teeth out with just novocain.

    No matter how you have them out, you need pain meds for after. Get your prescription filled BEFORE your surgery. You will feel too horrible after to go to the pharmacy, etc. You have to take the pain meds with food! This is very important. You will puke if you take them on an empty stomach. So stock the house with things that you can eat. Apple sauce, pudding, oatmeal, mashed potatoes, just about anything soft.

    • maria4 weeks agoReport

      Or I might be wrong. I don’t think it’s general

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    I only ever sprouted one wisdom tooth and I don't think I'm getting any more as I'm 35, it was removed with just local anaesthetic. They don't always need removing and if they aren't causing trouble you can leave them. I don't know why you are getting a general anesthesia? Nerves? Anyway no, it's not dangerous, you will feel groggy afterwards and need time to recover but no big deal.

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    i was amazed by the process. once the needle hits your arm its 3.2.1... and youre out. you wont remember a thing.

  • Not at all! I had one wisdom tooth removed and it was easy as cake. Make sure the doctor numbs you up really well and you won’t feel anything, maybe a little discomfort because it feels awkward but i would do mine again in a heartbeat. It felt so good having that annoying tooth out and I had no pain while it was trying to heal. Do not be nervous. Take a pain killer before hand. Once I had the tooth out my mouth felt like lighter cleaner and easier on my jaws was so worth it

    As someone who’s been under anesthesia a few times it’s so easy and you wake up and don’t even know what happened it’s a breeze. Stay strong and don’t worry , nothings going to happen to you. And will be worth having the teeth out. The chances of you dying are slim. And if you did it would be peaceful but seriously you have nothing to worry about it won’t happen.

    Source(s): Someone’s who had there wisdom teeth out and mouth feels so much better!!!
  • Jay
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    4 weeks ago

    yep theres a high chance of dying

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