Why won't God make me impervious to aging?

I want to retain my youth.

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  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago
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    The meat suit rots and wastes away. Regardless of how well we maintain them, they ultimately fail us. The time that we have is limited, and we need to use it to turn to the Lord. Being saved could take less than 5 minutes, because asking the Lord for salvation is a simple thing to do. Out of all the time we have in our lives, those 5 minutes are the most important.

  • Bill
    Lv 6
    3 weeks ago

    and vanity is one of the deadly sins

  • David
    Lv 6
    3 weeks ago

    Adam and the woman triggered a mutation in their Genetics which triggered aging. Cain's father was natural from natural selection and in nature the aging process was just natural. So we modern humans are Hybrids of them and this aging is passed down thru every generation. JBY

  • 3 weeks ago


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  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Because you're not 'special'.

  • Bill-M
    Lv 7
    3 weeks ago

    God does not exist.

  • 3 weeks ago

    The universe doesn't care what you want,

    and I doubt any God does, either.



    John Popelish

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    You will have your youth in the next life, if God forgives all yours sins and has mercy upon you and permits you to Paradise. You should seek Allah, ask for His paradise, ask for His love and His guidance if you want a good afterlife and if Allah wants to permit you into Paradise. And Allah is Most Wise, Most Knowing, Most Just, and very Merciful. You will have more than just youth and you will be very very happy.

  • Ron
    Lv 7
    3 weeks ago

    There would be too much unemployment in Heaven.

  • I destroyed your god, sorry.

  • 3 weeks ago


    FatherOFallSouls(vr brothers)= 1god

    (invisiblePointLIGHTInSOULWORLD goldenredRegionAboveUniverse-Shiva/Allah/Jehovah)

    Souls immortal,comes down1by1from soulWorldToBirth


    soul,pointLightInCenterOforehead experienceGodByThoughts-meditation-a way to remove sin


    SoulMayTakeBirthINdifferentCountry, religion,gender,communityETC in next birth.

    GodSeesAllasSoulNotbyManMadeDifferences.SoshowRespectForallGenders, religions.

    HEAVEN-1Dynasty(330million lived here are living among us after rebirth)&

    HELL(now)comes in cycle.RepeatsItself.

    TemplesBuilt for human lived in heaven.The1Godshow Mercy and give blessings for prayers in any form though.But it will last for1or2births only.Remember god as he is,will be blessed for21births.God's soul came to earth&take oldbodyToShare



    Bible:John1:5-9 5




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