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Are any of you wrestling fans surprised that WWE actually got behind Becky Lynch?

This might sound a little harsh, but the company does have a reputation for not getting behind a vast majority of wrestlers over the years.

You just never know what direction the company will take a wrestler. They could give them a very corny character to play, keep them off TV until nobody cares about them anymore & even keep the wrestler as a enhancement talent.

The company could've looked at a wrestler like Becky Lynch & concluded that she was not what they were looking for. Thankfully that didn't happen in the end. 

Were you all surprised, that WWE actually went with Becky Lynch? Instead of taking the easy route by making her a jobber, like Rosa Mendez, Alicia Fox, Aksana, Emma, Tamina Snuka ect

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    I'm not too surprised. Becky had what it takes to be a top superstar in the company. I find it amazing though especially when you consider that WWE executives hated her accent and probably thought that she couldn't cut a promo.

    WWE has made a lot of questionable decisions and bad booking but the booking of Becky has been absolutely spot-on. She is a clear example of what can happen if you get behind and push a someone with great potential that has been wanting to be a main eventer.

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    They needed to make someone a star out of a Ronda Rousey feud it ended up being her

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    No I'm not surprised.

  • Yes because for several years, WWE Writing Teams have put Becky Lynch in storylines where they had her lose match after match. You have a number of Professional Wrestling Fans around the world who cheered and supported Becky Lynch and The WWE had little choice but to get behind her and take advantage of this fact.

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    The fans like her and she’s been in the business for a very long time.

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    Amazed, especially after the you guys promo.

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    Yeah, I guess those running wwe like her, maybe she has a good personality or something, lol

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    not at all ROLL TIDE

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