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Anonymous asked in Computers & InternetComputer Networking · 7 months ago

What do you think about it, the authorities of my country (Poland) want to punish people for not securing the password of the WIFI network?

Such a ban already exists in our larger and more prosperous neighbor, i.e. Germany, where there is a penalty of up to 100 euros in fine for lack of password protection for the WIFI network.

Now Poland wants to introduce a similar solution, apparently similar law is also in France and Great Britain.

Apparently, the argument for this is that unauthorized persons can connect to someone's private WIFI network, which can already be considered a criminal offense.

Apparently, the point is that such leeches can use someone's private WiFi to download copyrighted material, as well as by perverts hurting children and / or terrorists.

In my opinion, governments around the world are using marketing tricks like "Think of poor children" or scary alleged "terrorists"

They want to do as if someone had committed a computer crime with the help of someone unsecured WIFI, the owner could be punished "for complicity in crime through negligence" :-)

I secure my WIFI, but I think that governments around the world are getting too much into the private affairs of their citizens, they are playing micro-management too much, and that pisses people off!

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    7 months ago
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    in the US, the law is similar.

    if you are an enabler of crime, you are a party to it.

    luckily, most routers are preloaded with passwords these days. perhaps your country should pass a law not to sell such illegal devices?

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      but there should be free choice...

      Anyway, in and of itself using someone's ICT system without the consent of its administrator / owner is a crime in my country but prosecuted by private prosecution

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