Manchester United 1 - 1 Liverpool: EPL Section, What are your post match analysis and thoughts on how that game went ?

I felt Ole got the tactics and formation spot on, and thats as good as we've see United this season.

As for ourselves, we never really got going properly but Uniteds players made sure to negate the threat of our fulbacks ( Arnold and Robertson ) through much of that game.

United pressed well, looked dangerous on the counter and got undone towards the end by our perseverance and hard work to not give up. I felt 1-1 was a fair result in the end given the backdrop of this game and our patience to find that equaliser.

thoughts ?

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  • Harry
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    9 months ago
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    Much improved from Manchester United, like if only we showed this much intensity in our other games, we'd be getting better results.

    The game was somewhat decent, but given the clear-cut chances, I'd say a draw is a fair or somewhat of a fair result, as I'm sure Firmino missed a clear-cut or somewhat clear-cut chance earlier in the game (not the left footed one that he miss-hit), but I was really disappointed to concede late, as it drops your confidence and gives the opposition momentum for the last 10 minutes or so.

    I just hope we use this to kickstart our season and with Rashford getting a much needed goal and Martial getting some minutes too after returning, hopefully we will, though I'm not getting our hopes up.

    All in all, not a bad point for Liverpool, considering we limited their threat, but disappointing to concede late for us, but a much improved performance (Pereira did well too) and hopefully a massive confidence boost for our players to attack more and maybe a potential change of system too ?

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Klopp outclassed by Ole again, we stopped Liverpool breaking the most consecutive wins ever with our worst team ever 😂

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  • August
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    9 months ago

    At times in the first half,the game looked very pedestrian with both teams exploring ways to exploit weaknesses. In fact it reminded me of the older men playing Walking Football up and down the country. For once VAR actually worked- Origi's diving is worse than Salah's and there was nothing wrong with Rashford's goal-the foul was played on or just ignored by the ref. Silly Klopp was having a heart attack with his protests which doesn't help his reputation of a level headed manager. Liverpool got what they deserve with a 1 - 1 draw (like i predicted with Mr AA's question about the score)

    These are my own thoughts as a neutral and i am not a hater of either team

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  • Liverpool were truly dire the first 60 minutes. VAR is a joke. Atkinson should be doing Chanmpionship/League 1 games. Mane's goal should have stood. Rashford's goal was well taken (it was a foul on Origi but Rashford did a good job finding space).

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    I think this means that United needs better creativity and vigilance. They can’t seem to make the best out of their every attacking opportunities. And they look really sloppy in defenses and their opponents always able to dominate them through this mistake. Their defenses just looked more solid today simply because they put on extra players on their defenses. Had it been under normal circumstances, they could’ve probably conceded a lot more goals.

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  • 9 months ago

    I thought it was a pretty poor quality match all around, it reminded me of the Man Utd v Arsenal game, ultimately a point at OT is not a bad result for Liverpool. Fergie's United teams used to lose at Anfield all the time but would then still go on to win the league, so it doesn't make much of a difference overall.

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  • theres only way to summarise our performance, we were awful, honestly never thought i'd be thinking "man we're missing Salah like a dog misses his bone....It's a blip it has to be , no way can we be that reliant on 1 player can we?, i mean he hasn't even been totally flying like last season either, and yet we seemed flat w/o him, be honest man, we looked awful for a good 75 mins right or wrong?....We seemed to just freeze almost unrecognzeable from the team iv'e been watching where was our geggenpress, where was the sharp passing, ok they didn't look gr8 either but, we got to do better than that despite the pigging ref, screwing us over again man i was vexxed it was a foul from behind and nothing happens then we get James conning the ref and stopping our flow,,,,anyway we move on...least we got out of there without losing it but we got lucky..


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    • yeah he made contact with the ball and guided it into the space between the keeper and the post, bare minimal requirement when youre on his wages trust me mate.


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