Brewing hard lemonade?

I dont know what I'm doing wrong. To note, everything was sterilized, but I've taken two half gallons of lemonade, added one pound of sugar, heated water (1/8th a cup) to 100-110 degrees, added yeast to watet, let ait for five to ten minutes, added yeast solution to lemonade, axded airlock (rubber stopper with hole and air lock from Amazon that I added water to stop air return,) and am waiting. It has been a week + a day or two with no fermentation. I followed directions but am thinking i may havr missed something. I am using cider yeast that i found for making hard cider at home. Basically i am trying to duplicate the Redds wicked lemonade. What am i doing wrong here. I dony know exactly besides maby using the wrong yeast? (P.S. I am a beginner)

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  • 1 month ago
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    You have to add the yeast when the solution is cool to the touch if you put the yeast in while it's too hot you're going to kill the yeast and it won't grow. The trick is first to sterilize the stuff that you're making into beer or cider with the sugar added cover it up till it's cool and then add your yeast. Keep it about 89 degrees and in a dark place. It has to be able to breathe weather in about 2 weeks you should have some really hard lemonade. Now if you're using lemonade that has some kind of a preservative in it because you bought store-bought lemonade the yeast isn't going to grow because it has a preservative in it that will prevent yeast from growing it has to be fresh juice.

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    1 month ago

    Two possibilities. If you added yeast to hot water then you will have killed the yeast. To make a yeast “starter” you dissolve a little sugar in hot water, let it cool (or just add cold water) and add the yeast when the water is just luke warm.

    It's not something I've ever tried but I'd have thought that lemonade you’d buy in a store would have preservatives and chemicals added that would prevent any kind of fermentation.

    The only thing to do is to try a fresh yeast starter.

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