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Concussion in the army ?

I have recently received a concussion in an lmtv incident where my driver sped over a bump and launched me causing me to hit my head. My leadership has ignored the recommendations made by our senior medic and continuous to treat it as if it never happened my head has not stopped pounding since the incident multiple days ago and worsens dramatically throughout the day also causing dizziness and nasuea at other times depending on what situation I'm in throughout the day ex: loud and bright environments, we have a live fire tomorrow where I'll be driving around with a 50 cal blasting in my ear 3feet away for the next few days is there any course of action I can do about my leadership also this will most likely continue for the next 20 days or so and I won't get a chance to adequately rest and allow myself to heal until after this feild problem is over 

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  • LP7
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    4 weeks ago

    Got to get it checked out even maybe a scan.there could be haemorrhaging internally.They are very irresponsble and careless.Push it.

  • 4 weeks ago

    TL;DR, didn't see a question

  • Mamie
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    4 weeks ago

    What is your question?  Whatever it is, see the commanding officer.

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