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Is it right to say that as Christians we don't know for certain that God exists but we BELIEVE in His existence as well as Bible teachings?

Only some people got to witness Jesus Christ in real life and see the miracles he performed which was testament to his divine nature.

"blessed are those have not seen yet believe in me" - Jesus Christ


Facts still require belief. Say you say the sky is blue to a blind person. Do they believe in your fact or not. Everything requires belief in some way - for humans the very nature of worldly truth all comes down belief.

Update 2:

peer reviewed beliefs become so called facts in the eyes of many

Update 3:

we simply interpret the world with our own ideas and concepts, and the concept of truth is used to describe what is FACT or TRUTH to us

Update 4:

Hi Special E phex i remember you in philosophy section back in the day which is dead now very sad

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    God cannot be "proven" or "disproven", thus we accept God, or not, solely on 'faith', which does not require evidence.  Any "evidence" for or against God's existence can only result in 'counter-evidence'.  That is just what it mean to be 'God'.  An 'Unlimited God' cannot be confined to the boundaries of a 'this' and 'that', 'here' and 'there', 'now' and 'then'.  

    The human mind and intellect cannot know all there is to possibly know, nor comprehend and conceived the 'Magnitude' and 'Enormity' of Divinity.  This is how we know God is not a man-made concept, and must be inherent to all of nature.  Humans have always had the capacity to become aware of the things we cannot observe, by the effect and influence they have on the things we can (i.e., what is called "dark" matter and energy).

    Just because you cannot put 'potential' in a lab and "measure it", is not a reason to suppose it "isn't there".  Because God is beyond our intellectual comprehension, we reduce God into the familiar sense of "form", to gain some semblance of meaning and understanding.  A limitation of the mind is that it is prone to mistaking the "symbols" for the things they're intended to represent.  

    We can only know a belief as 'true', or not, by 'walking in' and 'living by' our faith.  

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    as Christians , we KNOW GOD exists for certain as that evidence is all around us and in us

    The bible is an explanation of the future for us all

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    Once you meet someone, come to know them, and develop a close personal relationship with them, you KNOW that person exists. Which is why someone trying to "convince" me God doesn't exist has exactly the same chance as someone trying to "convince" me my wife doesn't exist.

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    Speak for yourself, pard.

    I know for certain that God exists because of my own experiences with him. Everybody should experience him for themselves, too, believer and atheist alike. That's the logical thing to do.

    There's nothing wrong with wanting to know for ourselves. Thomas' mistake (even sin) was to refuse to find out for himself.

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    Certainly you believe, based on eyewitness accounts of Jesus' miracles recorded in the bible. Just as Muslims believe Mohammed flew to heaven on a winged horse seen by eyewitnesses as recorded in the koran.

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      But what was Muhammad like? There'd be EVIDENCE that he SPLIT the moon. Climate havoc etc. No comparison.

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    It might be FOR YOU. Jesus is STILL revealing Himself for Who He is, still healing.

    What and Who exists then?

    I have studied A LOT but a LOT in science, math and prophecy, and there's no question.

    My background: wasn't always Christian, didn't consider it.

    Wandered through many religions for interest. Saw many supernatural things, knew there was way more to this earth than how it looked.

    The religions were, kind of dead for me, until I spiritually met Jesus.

    I KNEW, just like Saul of Tarsus all about this.

    There's a lot online to help anyone wanting to be sure.

    No, I died to SELF as New Testament said.

    The old spirit is dead, resurrects and I put down, CHOOSE the New Godly spirit. A hard, excellent path.

    @Michael...please look at Apostate Prophet, to know about Muslims.

    Look at the conditions of their countries. Look at the sex violations for hundreds of years, inbreeding, raping. Do not compare.

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    No, if you know Jehovah, then you obviously know for certain he exists, you will be able to see his work everywhere around you, you will see his work in your own life, he is very active, he is not just some god out there who is out there somewhere and just watches whats going on here, he is in control of everything.

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    Belief: an acceptance that something exists or is true, especially one without proof.

    Fact: a thing that is known or proved to be true.

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    how come, y'all don't ask questions, of these so called teachers/preachers ? they don't read from the Scriptures, so your'e just ok with learning, their imaginations ?!

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      OP, "we simply interpret the world with our own ideas and concepts" so you never owed a Concordance or Bible dictionary.......?

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