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How much will I need ?

I’m visiting Kuala Lumpur for about 45 days luckily I’m

Staying with a friend who lives there no need to get a Hotel expenses mainly will be for food/taxi etc what’s a reasonable amount I should expect to pay for that duration ? 

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    Shall we all guess if you want three times a day meals at the best places or will expect your host to give you free food.

    Shall we guess if you can walk a bit or must take taxi everywhere.

    Some reason in particular you did not ask your friend.

    Will you treat your host to a meal or two?

    Cannot guess at what places of interest you might visit. Some have a fee to enter and some are free.

    You are not required to spend all that you take. Curious should for some reason your host not be able to have you for the full 45 days WHO did you expect to pay for an alternate sleeping place?

    NO ONE can guess if you want to fill your suitcases with souvenirs.

    Suggest you get a pass for the transit system

    Your friend should be able to advise on the most suitable.

    For a cheap time you need less than if you want some of the better stuff. UP TO YOU.

    For budgeting purposes $100 per day should be enough for a reasonable adventure. YOUR costs can be lower and also much higher.

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  • 9 months ago

    How much of WHAT?

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