How can i obtain a title to a car registered in AZ if i'm in CA?

The car in question is a 1985 MR2 with no engine/trans and has no title, bill of sale, etc. A friend of mine is offering the car to me and im willing to jump through hoops to make it mine. So the story is that a friend of theirs gave it to them after it has been sitting there for 8 or so years. Their friend also lost the paperwork for it when he moved. I'm not sure if the car is even registered under that friend or if its still registered under the actual "owner" in Arizona. I do know the VIN and license plate number to the vehicle. The last tags on the plate were from 2011. What do i need to obtain the title and make the car mine? 

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  • 3 weeks ago

    Sounds like the car was stolen... stripped..

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Start with the DMV and tell them your story.  It can be done provided you jump through a few hoops first. It may take a month to do all the steps. You  do what they tell you to do and it HAPPENS.

    .Transfer of ownership & registration is what you are after.

  • Edna
    Lv 7
    3 weeks ago

    Your friend in Arizona is the one who's going to have to "jump through hoops" -- not you. If he's never had the Title or has lost it, he has to fill out a "Lost Title" application with the DMV. The Arizona DMV will investigate the car's chain of ownership, and, if possible, will issue him a new Title in his name. He MUST have a Title in his name that he can sign over to you, before he can "give" you or sell you the car and before you can register it in your name.

  • May
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    4 weeks ago

    Because the car is "registered" in AZ and you are in CA. have nothing to do with anything and don't matter.

    A bill of sale is worthless.

    Whoever is the true owner of the vehicle MUST furnish YOU with a valid title. Period.

    When/if you get a title, take it to your DMV and get a title for the vehicle in your name.

    • Aaron4 weeks agoReport

      How would I be able to contact the legal owner?

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  • 4 weeks ago

    The legal owner has to get a duplicate title printed, and then sign it over to you. It doesn't matter what state it's in or where it's going. Only the legal owner can get a replacement printed, and only the legal owner can sign it.

    Forget jumping through the hoops, because there aren't any that are worth jumping through. Do it the easy way, and enjoy your new flowerpot. I mean restoration project.

  • Scott
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    4 weeks ago

    Only the legal owner can obtain a duplicate title. You can't become the legal owner without the title. See how this works?

  • 4 weeks ago

    You do nothing.

    Your friend gets the paperwork replaced and gives it to you, before you do anything.

    You can't make it yours. He has to make it yours.

    If he can't, or won't, then you can't either.

  • 4 weeks ago

    short answer, YOU dont

    registered owner has to apply for a new title

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