How Can i make my room look pretty?

Hi! Im 15, and i recently cleaned up and decluttered my old messy kids room i lived in pretty much my whole life. The problem now is that even though its more or less clean, it doesnt look very nice. Any suggestions on how i could make it prettier?

I already had a few ideas on what i could do on my own, I definitely want fairy lights, im going for a cozy and comfy athmosphere, a lot of browns beiges and oranges, maybe a bit of teal as an accent? 

I was thinking about maybe hanging some sort of curtain around my bed to make it more comfy (not the cheesy princessy ones, just something that looks comfortable)I also wanna have some sort of organizing system for my crafty desk (top left) instead of having a bunch of random boxes stacked on top of eachother.


we'll probably have to try and paint the cupboards, since theyr pretty messy. I was thinking a nice greyish reddish dark brown color as a bit of contrast, but my dad thinks a lighter more orangy brown would look better?

 You need to keep in mind i am not very experienced in this ^^'' 

below are some before and after images (sorry for the horrible halloween decor, i tried my best :,) )  (Still getting the images)

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  • 9 months ago

    I suggest you google and look at images of

    Teen girl bedroom

    For ideas. Sounds to me like you may have some color ideas that are...going in different directions.

    If I was looking for inspiration for decorating my room I’d be looking at lots of pictures, maybe even creating a Pinterest page to save things I like to. I call this “feeding the art brain” - just non judgemental looking at images and saving what I like, then later I can’t review the images I liked and will usually see some common things and can then start to flesh out and refine my ideas.

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      Thank you! Thats what ive been doing

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  • 9 months ago

    we'll also be trying to cleaning up the walls and painting them a more orangy color

    i definitely want a more sturdy crafting table than the current wobbly plate of wood on a keyboard stand. Any ideas?

    another problem is the fact that my little corner desk has quite a bit of chipped off paint. if we wanted to paint over that we'd have to paint the whole top layer and let it dry for a long time, and itd stink quite a bit since we wont be able to take it out of my room (too big) any ideas here?

    i also still got quite a bit of stuff and dust hidden behind my radiator, but we have no idea how to get it out

    another seperate thing id need some advice in is how would i keep my room clean? I know i obviously gotta vacuum and dust it regulary but how often, and whats the best way to do it? I have a little handheld battery vacuum cleaner, a regular sized one, and a little duster, and im honestly not sure wether i should use the duster or the mini vacuum?? the duster seems quite a bit more simple to use and effective..? whats the point of using a vacuum.

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      oof it wont let me upload images on mobile

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