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1 stat MULTIPLE CHOICE question!?? pls help 10 pts!!?

Comment on the quotation below from a climatologist.

​"What I think is our best determination is it will be a colder than normal winter.​ I'm basing that on a couple of different things.​ First, in look at the past few​ winters, there has been a lack of really cold weather. Even though we are not supposed to use the law of​ averages, we are​ due."

Choose the correct answer below.

a) There is no​ "Law of​ Averages." She would be wrong to think they are​ "due" for a harsh winter. 

b) The climatologist is right in her assessment that she should not use the​ "Law of​ Averages." Her forecast for colder weather is likely accurate. 

c)The​ climatologist's prediction is probably wrong. Since the past few winters have not had very cold​ weather, it is more likely that the next winter will also not have very cold weather. 

d)The climatologist is likely inaccurate. Weather is too naturally unpredictable for forecasting to be reliable.

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