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How to overcome this? How I can forget it?

(Is serious)

When I was eleven years old my mom started working during all the day, and my aunt who was living with us, was fired from her job. So I spent all the day with her. 

Out of nowhere one day, she caressed my pubis. I didn’t expect this. It was something I had never done before and against my will my body reacted in a way I find disgusting. I shouted at her and told her to stop. Another day I passed and she slapped my ass, again I shouted her and told her to stop. 

Another thing that I remember is that one day I was in the living room. My mother was there with a friend of hers and my aunt and her “friend” were there too. I was leaned on a column near my aunt who was sat on a chair. Then she stared at my mom and her observing if they were looking at us. Suddenly, she moved her hand towards my pubis again. I retired her hand before she even could touch me. Then she proceeded to do it again. This time I just separated from her on time and...Do you know the gesture a guy uses to finger a girl? She was doing that. 

I spent all my adolescence with this woman and I felt like living with and old creepy man. Always looking at my ass brazenly and when I covered she stared at my *****. 

I tried to be as far away as possible from her.

Then In two different occasions when I was 15 and 17 and she was doing my hair. She took advantage to caress my boobs. 

Could I have developed C-Complex PSTD? 

For example this thoughts attack me if I want masturbate or in random situations 

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  • Linda
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    11 months ago

    Yes, you were sexually traumatized by your aunt. If you are not in counseling, please go. Also there are support groups that meet for survivors of childhood sexual abuse. You may never be able to completely forget it, but with therapy, love, and support, life can become much easier. As far as your aunt is concerned, you should let your mom know, so she doesn't continue doing this to other children.

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