How to Install a door frame?

Removing everything in red Including the arrow points will it make the roof weak and collapse, while I replace it with a new door frame. The purple are 2x4 floor to ceiling,green is the support.

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  • 10 months ago
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    Well, first off you buy a door and frame, the size and match and bored to your situation.  Then you paint it and put the new door back in the new frame. Installing is really easier than painting it installed.  You remove the molding trim for 1 side, not both sides, especially if you have one side that is solid and good.  After removing the molding you look in the gap between the old frame and the studs and figure out where the nails are.  There should not be more than 3 or 4 on the sides and none across the top. Not many nails, and don't put in a lot of nails.  Now.  Mark the floor and the top studs where the old frame is so you will have marks to set the new frame on.  Take an oscillating saw and stick in the gap and cut the nails.  Cut off any nails on the good side that are in the old frame. The entire assembly should pull out.  Pull out the cut nails with an electrician's  side cutter and clean up.   Buy a couple of packages of shims and small wood, whatever it takes to fill the gaps and provide backing for the new nails.  Set the new frame with the door in it in the hole and on the marks, and against the molding on the good side.  Push things around so that the good side trim lines up with the new frame, play around with the shims, getting things straight and level.  Finally, drive a nail through the new frame into the shims and into the old stud.  Be sure the frame is right because there are a lot of ways it can be off.  Abut 3 or 4 ,6 or 8 (?) penny nails on each side.   Drive them in with a nail punch.  Reset the molding on the one side you removed it from. It should fit without any problems. A few nails to hold the molding to the frame.   Install a lockset.  Now.  Do not touch the existing studs or the header across the top, what you have marked.  Go buy a door and frame and look at it to see what has to be replaced for a door.  If you are installing a different size door that requires an enlarged hole, you will need to add more studs and a load bearing header.  That is not installing a door.  To widen the frame 2".  You will have to determine if it is a load bearing wall and how much load the wall carries.  Look the ceiling joists in the attic and see what the wall supports them and where the rafters rest on the walls. If it is not much (not a load bearing wall), get a couple of tall step ladders and a couple of hydraulic jacks and rig up a temporary bridge across your work, yet give you the space to put in the changes.  Remove the old work.  Then add a support stud or two to the stud in the corner and build a new frame similar to the old one.  Then take down the jacks and build the new frame sized to fit your wider door.

  • 10 months ago

    you should have given best answer to jimmy c ...he is correct ...and i read your comment ..the doors 2" wider ...however if you enlarge picture there is a gap between door frame and studs ..remove this gap and new frame will fit in gap may have to shave a small amount from door side ...thats normal

  • 10 months ago

    NOTHING in red is actually supporting anything.

    The green header is transferring the load to the purple supports. As long as the new door fits into the gap defined by those lines, you are fine.

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    10 months ago

    Purchase for yourself a prehung door. And

    secure it to the studs where you want it. After you do this reinforce your door with two by fours to the studs and fill in whatever area has to be filled in With wood or whatever material that you're using. There are numerous YouTube videos on how to hang a prehung door watch them and proceed with your project.

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  • 10 months ago

    If you are replacing it with the same size door frame,, take the door off the hinges and unscrew the frame from the 2x4 studs. You will find screws or nails holding it in place. The frame is one by six I think, but it does not support anything. It hangs on the studs, so removing it does not affect anything.

    If you are changing door size, that is a different question.

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