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Will Vic Stans ever get it?

Vic had other options besides a lawsuit, for being a crybaby over losing his voice acting biz, when he violated sexual harassment by pulling Jamie's hair and said sexual things towards Monica. And he was told to not engage with either Jamie or Monica, or the other one.

Nope. He ignored it and had to use the LAW to try and save face. And guess who convinced him to switch lawyers to Ty Beard? Ty's good 'ol buddy--and the person who started the GFM without VIc' approval, or Vic even knowing about it--Nick Rekieta.

Everyone KNEW that Vic lose everything in the courts, yet you all think that he's got a slight chance, since you Vic Stans think Chupp was "unfair" and went as far as to threaten him. That's how Vic lost everything, and you STILL think he's got a shot at redemption, not even thinking about how Ty is unprepared for such. HOW EMBARRASSING IS IT THAT YOU PEOPLE TO THINK THAT'S GOING TO CHANGE ANYTHING!!

Did you all realize that Vic had other options to redeem himself, other than the lawsuit? Of course not. You want to cancel culture on Monica, Ron, Funimation, and Jamie, like the social justice warriors that you are. You are NOT Vic Mignogna! Don't pull this crap on me or anyone else with your spin on the story!


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