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Discuss what's wrong with this guy ?

like, what happened to him in his childhood that turned him into this kind of person. I want to understand Abdulmalik, and even though this is not Abdulmalik, I am starting to analyse such men. Abdulmalik and I are not getting along lately and he told me it is my fault. He spit in my face and walked away. Then I messaged him for a few days saying sorry and he just called me a bad name (c***face) and told me never to talk to him again. I have to understand him, how do I apologise ? 

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    Abdulmalik sounds like a crazy guy, there was some dude on here who called me "Abdulmalik" and then after he said that I was Abdulmalik, he then said that I was Satan too. So, I'm guessing this Abdulmalik has a bad rep, but you seem to know him more than any of us could.

    I suppose then this guy in the photo licking his boot is not Abdulmalik, but like who is Abdulmalik? He's like a mysterious secretive man who is never seen, but is talked about constantly. Women seem to love him, men seem to envy him, it's all kinda crazy.

    Why did he get mad at you though? Did you say something bad to him, or is he just an angry man or something?

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      Bye! Enjoy your lunch.

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    We should pray for his well-being.

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    There is chocolate pudding on the bottom of my boots if he is still hungry.

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    It happens to every guy who dated Aleksamabob

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  • I know this is supposed to be a foot fetish thing but I like his pants.

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      thanks brian u r my fav gay guy on Answers!! You are also very cute and I wanna cure your gayness

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