How to Fix my Phone?

I have a Lenovo K5 Play phone and I recently dropped it into water. I left it to dry out and it wouldn't turn on. I attempted to charge the phone, and a red light comes on in the top left corner and the phone is suck on reboot, it never gets past the Lenovo start-up logo.

I've tried to hold, press and repeatedly press the volume buttons, power buttons, and hold both or either to try and get the phone to do something different, but to no luck.

If the phone can't be saved, is it still possible to recover any data from the phone?

Many Thanks for any suggestions.

2 Answers

  • 9 months ago

    By now,

    there should not be a person alive who will ever have a phone

    who hasn't heard of the danger of getting one wet.

    Therefore, no one has any excuse or reason for allowing it to happen.

    If you do, you deserve the consequences.

    Take yours to a phone repair specialist and get the full range of bad news.

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  • 9 months ago

    If it has been connected to power for any length of time after it got wet - including its own battery - it may be beyond repair.

    Electricity plus any normal water causes electrolytic corrosion, literally dissolving away the circuitry.

    The battery must be removed as soon as possible.

    Then thoroughly wash the circuit board using deionised water and a soft brush to remove all traces of contamination, and finally, if at all possible, rinse several times with isopropyl alcohol.

    It then needs to dry out in a warm and well ventilated place for several days; preferably a couple of weeks.

    Then re-assemble it and see what happens!

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