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Could you please check and improve my sentence?

My husband and I went to my native town to attend a close relative's daughter wedding. The wedding hall was close to my relative's house. So, people are constantly going to the hall and back to home for the wedding arangements. A few of close relatives and the guests from other town chose to stay in the wedding hall before the next day wedding event. In the next day early morning, people were moving to my relatives house and coming back to the hall just to take a bath and get ready for the wedding.

The parents of the bride kept the bride's valuables including gold and diamond jewels inside the bride's dressing room in the wedding hall. They didn't close the door because they thought some of their relative would take care of their valuables. Just before the main event, they found out that there entire valuables had been stolen.

A group of people disguised themselves as their relative from other town and stayed there before night and moved freely and had fun chat with their relatives to make them believe they were their real guests. When the opportunity strikes, they entered the bride's dressing room and casually stolen all the valuables and walk away through the main gate.

The groom's family understood the situation and didn't make it a issue that time and the wedding happened as per the plan. Later, they filed a case and the police are investigating the case now.

Guys, this is my current level of English. Please tell me how I am doing, so that I can improve.

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