The 200000 km it still in the good condition or there is high probability that it gives you problems.?

I am planning to buy already used vehicle but I am worried about the kilometers that the car may have already traveled that it might give me problems in future.I have never drove a car before and what must I go for between manual and automatic.

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  • 9 months ago

    Any car at that mileage will have parts which are wearing out and will need scheduled replacement. Some will fail without warning no matter how well the vehicle has been maintained and regardless of how reliable that make and model are.

    At 200k km if they have not already been replaced then you can certainly expect the alternator, starter motor, cambelt (if it has one) to need changing soon (immediately for the cambelt). You can also expect the clutch (if manual) and water-pump (routinely changed with the cambelt) to need changing. Engine mountings, and all suspension bushings will also need to be regularly checked and you can expect some of those to need changing. Same deal with shock-absorbers (suspension dampers).

    That is by no means an exhaustive list. The point is that at 200k km the car has passed that point where finance payments for the original buyer have ended and monthly maintenance costs are low, and has entered the phase where money needs to be spent almost every month.

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Any used car can present problems. It depends a lot on how gently it has been driven and how well it has maintained. A car that has had a lot of short distance driving in stop-and-go urban traffic is less preferable than one which has seen longer distance steady driving at highway speeds, but not excessive speeds. A car that has been maintained regularly according to the schedule in the owner's manual and has records to prove it is preferable to one that has not had regular maintenance and / or has no documentation.

    For someone like yourself, the best option is to find a one-owner car then have it professionally evaluated at a shop who maintains those vehicles and is familiar with them. A seller has no legal obligation to tell you about any problems it has and many won't. If buying from a used car dealer, do not rely on their own shop, take it to a different one. Any seller who is unwilling to let you get the vehicle professionally evaluated is not someone you should buy from. Having it inspected and test driven is going to cost you money, of course, but it is the only intelligent thing to do when you lack the knowledge, skills and tools to do it yourself.

    • Boy20109 months agoReport

      Thank you so much for your advice,I will have someone to test me then as for the km I do not have to worry much.

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