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Rachael asked in PetsRodents · 8 months ago

Mice problem?

I need help guys.  I keep my room nice and clean.  I also read on the internet that they like warm and cozy places and food.  But they are vermin and home invaders, and I don't want anymore mice in my room.  I heard rustling noises at the side of my bed.  Me and my Dad got rid one using a glue trap, and got rid of it.  I just wanted to make sure that all of the mice were gone.  And what  about when they start breeding?  I was just trying to make sure that all of the mice were gone, and that me and my family will never see them again.


My Mom doesn't like cats.

4 Answers

  • 8 months ago

    First off, my take on the glue traps, those should be banned for cruelty.

    Mice are not bad, but when they run wild in your home, they can be a problem.

    They chew about anything, even electrical wires. They get into a sock drawer and chew everything for nesting material, if they don't nest there.

    Impossible to clean after them and poop and pee anyplace, and that gets to smell bad. Food motivated, they raid pantry's and cupboards for breads, cereals, and stored grain foods. Yes, in protected places, they breed and not long you have a family of them sharing your home. Back to rodent control.

    If you ever find a mouse foot chewed off to escape a glue trap, I can't imagine the pain of chewing your own foot off. Snap traps don't always kill, and to hear a mouse squeal in pain all night will make any rational human sick.

    They make live traps, catch your vermin and release them will away from the house.

    That almost works, but you catch a mama with pups in a nest, now you have baby mice just starving to death. Thank goodness for modern technology.

    Electronic ultrasonic rodent repellers are the way to go. You can't hear them, but mice and rats can and drives them nuts. Put a set of those around the house, rodents leave. They take babies with them, and they don't come in. The good part is just plug them in. No traps, no dead mice to dispose, no poisons or dead mice in wall voids to smell,,just no mice. Not cruel either. Works for other vermin like squirrels and such getting into attics making home. We put a fake owl on the roof of our barn that solved a rat problem there.

    My grandmother was odd, she liked mice, even give them treats like her little pets. It was cute, but you could smell the mice, and underwear drawers chewed and smelly.

    Giving them food did help keep them out of the pantry, and she just said socks are cheap. Mice are really smart little animals, great pets, but wild running the house you don't really want.

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  • Raven
    Lv 5
    8 months ago

    First of all, glue traps are extremely cruel and inhumane. If you found one mouse there are sure to be more. Get a whole lot of good snap traps, load them up and set them around. Then put mouse poison out where no other animal can get at it. Keep doing these things and eventually the mouse problem will be gone.

    • daniel g
      Lv 7
      8 months agoReport

      You will trap mice then dispose of them as long as mice live on earth, and a dead mouse in a wall void smells awful for a long time.

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  • 8 months ago

    I second the get a cat motion.

    Get an exterminator or set up nice traps.

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Get a cat. I’ve only found one mouse in my house since I moved here 14 years ago and it was dead because my cats beat the shít out of it, mobster style.

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