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Can running makes you taller ?

I’ve heard from people that running won’t help you grow taller, but they said that doing sports like basketball, swimming, and volleyball makes you taller. I was like but you use your legs for those sports right ? You use your legs to run in basketball and volleyball then why people kept saying that running won’t makes you taller ? Pls help

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    sports do not make people taller.  Maybe drink a lot of calcium and Vitamin A will help.

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    No sports make you taller. No sports make you smaller (unless you do such extreme amounts of training while not eating sufficient to compensate so that you are effectively malnourished during puberty.)

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    That has nothing to do with height. It is hereditary and growth hormone that determines height. Running and exercise will just make you stronger not taller.

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    no running will not make you taller

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    I don't believe that sports actually make a person taller. I do think, though, that any physical activities that encourage better posture, ease of movement, and greater energy will make people appear as tall and confident as their bodies will allow.

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     5'10 and i never run 

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    Only if you naruto run

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