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How do Christians maintain the fiction that God is proven to exist, when we can see the truth?

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    1. They just LIE

    2. Their evidence for their god is nothing like they'd need from you if you said "it's raining outside" or "I have a million dollars in my bank account".

    3. They LIE...

    It was worth repeating 😎


    @Climate Realist "If there was no God, there would have been no big bang, no Universe and no us."

    There was indeed a Big Bang to start this incarnation of something that has always existed in one form or another = there was never nothing

    The only way you can get to a god is by Special Pleading

    As in "everything needs a cause

    EXCEPT bibel-god because

    Bible-god get a free pass

    Because bibel-god is special."

    CR, your god doesn't explain anything

    Simply because you can't explain your god.

    It's not rocket science 😂

    I keep telling you this

    But you ignore me

    It's for that reason you blocked me

    Cos you're an intellectually dishonest coward 😂


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