My girlfriend has a male bestie?

My gf has a male bestie in our clg and they've been freinds together for like a year now..but I feel jealous when comes and talks to her while we both are talking he'll come and punch her lightly and talk with her and she also does the same and I get jealous..and bef we both got in a relationship I saw her pics with him on Instagram and I didn't feel jealous that time but I am now and there pics where he's putting his hands over her shoulder and I'm so ******* pissed..and when I told my gf that him touching her is bothering she said I can't ignore him  like that he's my bestie and I said I didn't say to avoid or ignore him i said I don't like him touching her..and it got pretty bad and she said it means I don't trust her and blah blah blah and that got solved..but I'm still feeling jealous and pissed at him cuz he's touching and I can't tell my gf cuz she'll take it wrong even though he's nice to me..pls give me how to handle this..and thank you

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Just tell her that by no means are you asking her to get rid of him as a friend, but that it makes you very uncomfortable to see another guy acting that with her and that he is disrespecting your relationship by being that way with her.  I am sure if you had a best friend that was female that she would be uneasy with her acting with you the way he acts with her.

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  • 9 months ago

    I am in the exact same situation and asked about it and honestly the only thing you can do is be annoyed and move on. You can't let the jealousy consume you because if you keep bringing it up and pestering her than she could start getting annoyed. If you eventually do succeed and she tells him to stop then she could start resenting you for it.

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