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Are Western Blot and ELISA methods or actual exams?

If they are exams, do they really test for a bunch of things, like HIV, lupus and so on?


**Do they really test a bunch of things AT the same time

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  • 8 months ago
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    Not at one time. They are the name of the method of how the test is done but in performing the test they change it to make it very specific for what that particular target. Western blot targets proteins looking for specific antibodies while ELISA can target many things like microorganisms or drugs using antibodies. It's like a gun that can shoot different type of bullets. You can only shot one type at a time and then change it each time. The reason for that is that they both use antibodies to signal the presence of the target. Antibodies are very specific for that target and if you want to change the target from HIV to herpes then you have to change the antibody being used in the test. You only use one type of antibody at one time.

    With drug screens using ELISA methods you might see ten troughs and each trough having a specific antibody for that specific class of drug and only the positives will show up as blue or red or whatever indicator it uses.

    With infectious agents one only uses a single antibody for specificity and sensitivity so it is only for HIV etc.

    The use of multiple targets (multiplex) for testing is common for genomic nucleic acid testing for certain infectious agents like blood cultures or respiratory secretions where an array of infectious agents are being looked for.

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    ELISA is enzyme linked immunosorbent assay test .

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