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Is it important to try to be better parents to our children, than our parents were to us?

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    Absolutely, but because we rely on our own experiences in childhood to define what good parenting is, we can easily perpetuate poor parenting. IMHO I think parenting classes should be encouraged for expecting family's (or mothers) to overcome that hurdle all parents face. Not just what do with an infant, but what to do with a child through each phase of childhood.

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    That would depend on what type of parents we had and how skilled we are at parenting ourselves. If we had really bad parents who hadn't a clue how to bring up children then we could turn out to be like them and also not have a clue either but, on the other hand, we might grow up thinking that other kids had a far better upbringing than we had and can see many points that we'd like to copy from other adults (rather than our own parents) and bring our own children up very differently from the way we were brought up.

    With me it was about 50/50. I copied many things that I learnt from my parents way of bringing me and my siblings up but there were some things I never wished to do with my own children and went in a completely different direction.

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    Each new generation professes to be better parents. This is a good thing and hopefully our world is a better place for those who made covenants with God.

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    If your parents weren't good parents, then yes. If you were lucky enough to have good parents, why do you need to be BETTER than them? Why not try to be like them instead? I sometimes think society goes overboard with expectations for parents these days. Feeling you have to always be perfect about everything will only stress you out and not help the child.

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    It's important to society and your children to be the best parent you can be.

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