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Help with my W-4? ?

I am starting a job probably this week, and since it is my first time working, I am a little confused with the w-4 form. I found out that I am eligible for exemption, since I will not be making that much money, so I'm wondering what the exemption code is. Also, I don't know what to put for allowances, how does that work? Another piece of info is that my parents are still claiming me as a dependant. And is the additional amount optional? Should I just put zero? Thanks for the help in advance!

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    If your only income this year is from the job and you expect to make less than $12,200, you can put exempt.

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    There is "exemption code". If you're exempt, you just write the word “Exempt” on line 7.

    Put zero for the additional amount.

    If you are exempt and claim that correctly, then it doesn't really matter what you put for allowances, but put "1" (one).

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    i would just go to a tax place when you need to do your taxes and let them help you with it

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